What’s In A Name? is a personal blog and I am the sole author.
The views expressed on this blog are my own.
I rarely write about products, companies or services, but if/when I do it’s because I like them, not because I’m being paid or receiving freebies.
If this ever changes, it will be stated here and in the pertinent blog post(s).
A word on recipes: I think most people would agree that the majority of recipes began their lives somewhere else.
Chefs and professional food writers, for example, are experts at taking a recipe, tweaking it here and there and then calling it their own.
I try not to infringe copyright and only post a recipe if I’ve cooked it and changed it in some way.
Then instead of it being, say, Nigella’s Roast Chicken, it becomes Michele’s Roast Chicken, in much the same way that Anna del Conte’s Pasta with Anchovy Sauce became Nigella’s Pasta with Anchovy Sauce in her book, Feast.
If I change nothing, I’ll link to the web page where the recipe appears or refer you to the pertinent cookbook.
I don’t come within cooee of “proper” cooks; I’m in no way an expert.
But I’ve been cooking family dinners for long enough to be confident about changing a few things.

2 Comments on “DISCLOSURE”

  1. Katelizp says:

    Love it. Looking forward to more : )

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