All measures are level and Australian metric.

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tbsp = 20ml
1 cup = 250ml
British and American tablespoons are 15ml.

If you haven’t got any scales, here are some approximations, but remember that they’re not bang on.

1 cup butter = 250g
1 tbsp butter = 20g
1 cup white flour/cornflour = 135g
1 tbsp white flour/cornflour = 12g
1 cup granulated sugar = 230g
1 tbsp granulated sugar = 20g
1 cup caster sugar/firmly packed brown sugar = 220g
1 tbsp caster sugar/firmly packed brown sugar = 15g
1 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese = 90g
1 cup couscous = 185g
1 cup rice = 220g
1 cup dry breadcrumbs = 100g
1 cup fresh breadcrumbs = 60g
1 cup panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) = 70g

Oven temperatures
All temperatures in the recipes are in centigrade and apply to ordinary ovens unless stated otherwise.
If you have a fan-forced oven you’ll need to decrease the temperature by 10C-20C, depending on the make.
I have to decrease mine by 10C. Just check your oven handbook.
I’ve also got a wood-burning Nectre Baker’s Oven in the kitchen because it’s bloody cold in Albany in winter.
It’s basically a good-sized firebox on the top with a very small oven underneath.
The temperature inside the oven bears no relation at all to the temperature shown on the gauge.
It was the same with the 1970s gas stove I had before the kitchen was renovated, so I invested in one of those oven thermometers you rest on the shelf.
They’re only a few dollars and are well worth getting if your oven temp is all over the place.

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